Relational psychotherapy and counselling

As a relational therapist, I believe that people’s emotional and mental health struggles often stem from their relational experiences and that positive relational experiences can be transformative, leading to improvements in our sense of self and well-being.


Each of us is born with unique potentials for growth and development. Yet, from our earliest moments and throughout our lives, we are shaped by our encounters with others.  It is inevitable that our sense of self in the world is dependent upon the quality of these connections; leading some to struggle with low self-esteem and an accompanying host of mental health concerns.


The work of relational therapists is widely researched, including by neuroscientists tracking what happens in our brain and nervous systems.  There is evidence that human beings are hard-wired to relationally connect and have the capacity to re-wire to establish lasting change. 


Relational therapy is a fertile space where your relationships, including the therapeutic one, become the lens through which your life is better understood.  Through mutual curiosity, awareness and understanding, we can appreciate the origins of present-day issues and work out how learnt responses may still be getting in your way.  


Connections and relationships aren’t only with other humans and animal assisted therapy is another way that relational therapy can take place [click to find out more]. 

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