Animal Assisted Therapy

For some people the presence of an animal can be extremely beneficial during their therapy sessions. Mollie, my seven year old cocker spaniel, is available for our sessions either within the therapy room or the grounds of Nostell Estate.  


She would play a part within our therapy, offering relational experiences that inform our wider learning.  Including Mollie in our work would need to be agreed in advance, having been carefully discussed and contracted for in specific ways.   


Animal Assisted Therapy can help:

  • to develop awareness and presence, of self and in relationship with others
  • to establish and maintain safe and healthy boundaries
  • to regulate emotions 
  • to build assertiveness – how to identify and take of needs  
  • recovery from trauma
  • to move out of depression
  • manage anxiety and stress levels


Animal Assisted Therapy can bring positive outcomes if you:

  • are able to respect the needs and rights of all bodies involved
  • are curious to notice and learn through experience
  • are able to apply that learning to other situations and relationships


Mollie is not a specifically trained “assistance dog” but has been approved by a vet and dog behaviouralist as being healthy and having a suitable character for therapy sessions. She brings authentic, relational possibilities. 


I have undertaken one-one training and am regularly supervised by a specialist Animal Assisted therapist and have completed a diploma in Animal Assisted Therapy. 

Susanna Wright MA. Dip(Sup).



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